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November 10, 2013
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Anti Faction : Val by IcyBii Anti Faction : Val by IcyBii
[UPDATE] Val's new app here --->…
[UPDATE] - I GOT IN AHAHAHAH secretly mentally screaming , :iconhandspazzplz: Now to unleash Val's wrath of mischievous-ness, I added relations now 


"Friends are like burgers
When you eat them, they die

Name: ----- Howler
Alias: “Val" shortcut
Age: 18
Gender: Unknown but presumed to be male thisisduetocrossdressing
Height: 168cm/5’5”
Weight: 50kg/110lbs
Birthday: February 24
Hometown: Ravenrock / The Vault

Species: Cat (prefferably Bengal)

Occupation: Scavenger

Faction[ T h e L o s t O n e s ]
Title: member
Base: metro tunnel

Personality: simple minded | independent | bold | humurous/cheery | sly | resourceful | fearless curiosity
♔ because of the past, Val has learned to survive by improvising. Resourcefulness is a life saver.
♔ Surviving in the streets has made Val generous to those less fortunate people, willing to help them in anyway.
♔ Val is extremely weak at combat, but the kid's determination makes up for it
♔ Val is extremely cunning, and is able to swindle merchants, Only for good reasons though ('im hungry')sofarVal'sonlyswindledfoodmerchantsXD
♔ Val finds it hard to make friends, (watdoIsay,watdoIdo,doeshelikefries?), Val can be impatient too.

+ food *spicy foods preferably* oh so spice!
+ music
+ dancing(ValcanbebaaddatitcoveryoureyeswhenValdoes)
+ singing out of tune

▽ liars
▽ tangled earphones
▽ empty refrigerators
▽ rude ppl (i mean lyk seriously)

Strength: Tricking merchants & demons (and by demons I mean RUDE PPL) *yeah purty much*

Speciality Skill:

♔Energy Weapons (yeaahyaahhhh!! but Val doesn't know how to use those bbys ;A;
♔Lock Picking
♔Survival (val can only cook edible meals SadlyValisnta5starcheff...iwishhh ;A;

Other Character strengths: Pick pocketing | Hiding (shh Im a tree)| Eating | Disguising (and when I mean disguising i meant cross dressing...for stealing purposes) *cough | Farming and Fishing, Val also knows how to raise stuff

Living in the streets has caused Val to learn how to become resourceful, and to steal. Not taking more than what is needed. Due to not being fast and agile Val has resorted to stealth instead. As they say slow and steady~ Val has learned the art of disguise often due to being a con artist, resorting to even cross dressing and trees, also hiding esp. cramped places. In order to live Val has learned to adjust sleeping patterns, even hold it for a short while and sleep in weird places. Val is extremely generous and sharing food with those less fortunate, esp children who scavenge food in the trash.

Weakness: Impatient| bold to the point of doing stuff without thinking | picky with fancy food | close combat *ahh my attacks are weak, ahh my bones, ah my hands, ahh I cant do thiss* | invisibleninjasFTW. Val can be impressed easily and pretty naive when it comes to socializing. Val is stubborn and hard headed, Hardly backing down in a fight, or (whatvalstronglybelieves in) which can be a disadvantage

Entity/weapon: a rusty ol' butcher knife stolen from a chef who put a fly in the kid's lasagna. ;A; oh the cruelty. Entity has two forms his spirit form and his fishbone earring form, real form unknown yet *because he wears a cloak ;A;*

Additional Perks
♔Good Natured 
♔Four eyes (finally I have become magane kun, I can do the scary megane shine in animes)


Val grew up in a normal family in XXX had a lovable fraternal twin , A caring mother but there was something XXX with XX father. Father had X  XXX, and forced Val to XX. When Val turned 7  XXX  father after father XX XXXX. Val fled home and lived in the streets after.  ITS A MYSTERY MUAHAHAHHAHAHA

Eventually the twins were abducted by some of the Elites and experimented on. Vil became the perfect offense, with incredible attacks, speed, agility meant for destruction. Val on the other hand became the perfect defense, with high health and stamina reserves, high endurance and regeneration. 

Due to sneaking around notinthechocofactoryiswear the curious cat heard rumors/news about the factions about uniting the tribes. Val joined the Lost Ones in order to fullfill Vil's dream  and in hopes can help change the way of life in wasteland after seeing so many children suffer in order to survive. Val seems to have a score to settle with the Elites but Val mostly joined the faction in hopes to get to fight and food.. Like Val said "They will pay."


:bulletgreen: = precious to Val :bulletblue: = important to Val :bulletyellow: = tomodachis :bulletwhite: = aquaintances :bulletred: = ememies

:bulletgreen: Vil [ not full name] : Val's deceased fraternal twin [Death Unknown], those two were really closeee. Val and Vil were inseparable and they were always together, stating that they are a part of each other. But Vil died due to not having high endurance like Val.

:bulletgreen: Tomoya: (Val's nickname for him is Tomo) Val's lovely partner in crime in epic quests and watermelon hunting, Tomoya was the first person Val met in Anti-Faction so there's a special spot in ze circle of friends. Val tries to get the poor dude a girlfriend and what not. Val's pretty close to tomoya, and is very protective of the little fox. Val and tomoya often get along, Val finds him cute and adorable, unlike his sister. Val can't stand being near tomo if toru is there, in fact the kid can't stand being near twins.

:bulletgreen:Shin: (Val's nickname for him is Shinnie) The 2nd person Val's close to. Val looks up to Shin and often tries to make him smile due to his tsun tsun tendencies but usually ends up getting falcon punched. (cuznooneunderstandsval'sattemptstomakepeoplesmileXD) Val can handle Shin's outbursts, and usually forgets about Shin's Falcon punches and resumes with life like it was nothing. So far Val isn't able to leave Shin due to the fact his empty face irks him, Val thought it would be better if Shin showed more emotions, even if it's anger.  

:bulletgreen:Kittan: (Val's nickname for him is Box Bossu) Val's hero, Val looks up to Kittan and considers him as the BOSS, but the kid still gets creeped out by his perviness and if kittans in a bar, nopenopenopeeeee. Kittan's little minion Val will do anyhting Kittan orders and is now referred to as Kittan's shield. Kittan uses Val as a shield from attacks LMAO Val aspires to be great in combat like Kittan since he has the skills. Kittan also teaches Val the wrong things *cough* Val learned the 4 effective Shin attacks from him in the first place....I swear Kittan has tainted the kid's mind.

:bulletgreen:Media: Val's closest gal pal, Media often treats the kid to dinner, lunch and treats and sometimes buys the rascal stuff. Media would often joke with Val, sometimes try to tease the kid. Media seems to trust Val and Val does the same, they have a mutual understanding and somehow Media often get's irritated with Val's lack of civilized manners.  So far Media's the only person whom Val willingly showed Vil's grave too. 

:bulletblue: Yukio: (Val's nickname for him is Yu) Val finds Yukio irritating and often gets bullied by the Scarlet Cat's leader and is always being stalked by him. Yukio ships Val and Shin so hard though Val doesn't care what Yukio thinks since Val is positive he's the only one who ships them so Big deal XD. But despite being a stalker Val seemed to finally become friends with Yukio if he's not pushing the kid on Shin all the time, They became good friends after Yukio became a child and Val had to care for him till he was back to normal XD.

:bulletblue: Haruen: (Val's nickname for him is Haru) Val's 4th princess //slapped Val often loves to tease Haruen to the point he blushes, since Val likes seeing dat face ohohoooo Val often tries to reassure him and teach him things that he should know, and somehow Val is slowly erasing lil Haru's innocence. Val finds him adorable and will not hesitate to pet him. 

:bulletblue:Xin: Val and Xin are broccoli buddies, who argued with a piece of broccoli ever since then they've been buddies that often team up to steal wallets together!, with their pick pocketing skills no caps is safe from their 50 meter radius. 

:bulletblue: Zero: Val apparently likes the little cat's drawings, not to mention glomp him and his tail every chance there is. because fluffy tail is fluffy

:bulletyellow:Sienne : Val's tsundere dere friend who keeps smacking the kid for being stupid. Sienne's keeping Val's shit down, also tries make force Makes me wonder why there are so many tsuns in Val's circle of friends. 

:bulletyellow:Toru: Val's self proclaimed rival for sassiness and pure flirtiness (ohgod), Toru is pissed that Val can look more feminine than her when wearing girl clothing.*poor baby* Val often avoids Toru whenever in disguise mode so as not to hurt her maiden feelings ; 7 ; 

:bulletwhite:Toona: Val usually teases toona by chasing her around while holiding a fork and knife, since she's a fish and being a cat, its natural to chase her. Val finds the fish interesting due to her cake baking abilities, so far they havent known each other in a more friendly...errr. something since Val chases her.

:bulletwhite: William: (Val's nickname for him is Will) William and Val used to be cake rivals, till Val left cake for Nutella cuz the kid can never win cake's heart. Cake cheated with Sienne, Toona and William so Val is now with Nutella. Val views Will as a depressing person who often sees the bad side of things, Val respects his views but doesn't agree to it. Since Val finds the world a beautiful place filled with wonderful opportunities. 

:bulletwhite: Shiro: Val often buys Shiro's potions for stuff usesthemforfunorsometimesonshinandtomoya They're like potion dealer buddies~ Val would often come and buy some of her potions, or request for a certain type.

:bulletred: Elites : Thheeyy badddd, nuff said.

♔ Val can be quite unciviliced..due to living in the streets
♔ the scars on Val's tail and ears were from an incident where XXX chaos XXX and bullets  XXXX
♔ Val usually tells people "Call me Val" cuz Val finds it weird being called with a full name but its a decent name though
♔ specializes in pick pocketting, swindling and making deals, and is always seen running away with stuff.
♔ Focuses more on sneaking and stealth because Val's slow as BUTTS ans SUCKS at fighting.
♔ Val's peircings are real gold its like a trophy for 'oh I stole these just for LOLs'

♔ Val is a great piano player
♔ Scared of Ghosts, but vampires,Zombies,and other supernatural stuff nope.
♔ Val usually gives people nicknames.
♔ Val knows of the underground market, and the dark secrets of business in Wasteland due to experience.
♔ Very durable can take on so many attacks due to High endurance.good for bait XD
♔ Val's got a deep dark secret.

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i3atmanga Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Buahaha Val seems like such a dork. =u=d
Is her real name Valerie by any chance? //shot
IcyBii Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You got that right hun~…
SousekiTerra Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AF: Valentines by SousekiTerra  Seine: "Here you go Val, your god damn chocolates. If you try running away from giving me chocolates every year for the rest of your life, I'll make you take off that vest and wear a bra. :iconmisakidarkplz:"
IcyBii Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Val: Chocolates from Sisi? Score!! *freezes at the last statement* ....:icontuzkifreezeplz: EHHH!!! Why would I even need that! Unless..your into stripping people and forcing them to dress women' s clothing! //runs away with the chocolate// gambatte miya sensei

SousekiTerra Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Seine: If that's what needs to be done then I'll do it. :iconibaramadplz: . . . . And what does Miya have to do with all of this? :iconlesigh-plz:
blairluvsdinos Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
val(that is his name right)
is alot like boris ( a characther from alice in the country of hearts )
IcyBii Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I forgot to tell you Val is a girl ; v ;
IcyBii Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Eh..dont you mean chesire cat? I dont remember a boris in Alice in Wonderland. :iconwhatwhereplz: Ah, is that the name of the mouse? :iconmingplz: i dont remember the story lasljkdlskdf
blairluvsdinos Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
yea boris IS the chesire cat,and
pierce is the name of the mouse
IcyBii Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ahhh I see.
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